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24/7, confidential crisis support for Veterans and their loved ones



Our Mindset at Rapid Mental Healing For Veterans is to improve the quality of life for all veterans and their families. The goal of our organization is to ensure that every veteran and family member can receive high-quality care that allows them to lead fulfilling and productive lives. Mental wounds can be just as difficult to heal as physical wounds, and they should be treated just as seriously.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare and assist veterans and their families to return to civilian life after active military service.

For depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other life transition problems, Rapid Mental Healing For Veterans provides Rapid Transformational Therapy, a new and cutting-edge treatment. As part of our commitment to military families, we provide family counseling and support with children’s behavior problems. Veterans and their families can depend on Rapid Mental Healing For Veterans for high-quality, accessible care, regardless of their status as veterans or their role in the military.


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